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Commentary on the management of over 160 English football clubs by Dr John Beech, winner of the FSF Writer of the Year Award 2009/10 Twitter: @JohnBeech Curator of! Football Finance


An excellent plain English guide to Administration by Company Rescue can be found here.  They also have useful guides to CVAs, the Football Creditors Rule, and winding-up petitions.

Student researchers and investigative journalists may find the following useful:

They come from the Working Paper Series of Coventry University’s Centre for the International Business of Sport; the full series is freely accessible here.

A further phase of my research is reported as Paper 5 in Insolvency Events among English Football Clubs, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship 11 (3).

Some of the PowerPoint presentations from papers I have presented at conferences are available:

Managing Football, co-edited by Simon Chadwick and Sean Hamil, contains chapters on Finance and Strategy in which I present data and analysis.

The following journal articles relating specifically to football management are available depending on the e-subscription services your university holds. In most cases, clicking below will at least give you free access to the article’s abstract.

John can be heard in the following podcasts:

  • 5 Live Investigates (27 February 2011) podcast here (from 25:00 mins)

Academic Journals:

A number of academic journals cover the football management area, although typically their coverage extends to other areas of sports management and exploring their websites is thus recommended.  These include:

Professional and trade journals:

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