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Ready to come back onto the e-pitch

Posted by John Beech on August 13, 2014

Back in February last year (!) I noted a change in life circumstances and wondered “How this will affect my blogging is not yet clear.” As you may have noticed, it had a major impact on my blogging.  Between March and July this year, for example, I made 16 work-related trips, twelve of them abroad, so blogging rather slipped down my ‘to do’ list.

Nonetheless I have continued throughout to keep my club files up-to-date, but the relatively little time I had for social media I put into three news sites. Directly related to the content of this blog is! Football Finance.   A second site,! The Business of Sports Management includes football management issues that are either beyond the area of finance or are beyond England (the site is tagged and that link picks up just the football stories.  A third site,! The Business of Events Management, includes football events such as the various World Cups (2014, 2018 and 2022), and news on these individual events can be pulled up by clicking on the appropriate tags.

To my regret, my blogging silence has included a number of intriguing (in both senses of the word) sagas – in alphabetical order, Birmingham City, Cardiff City, Coventry City, Hereford United, Leeds United, Portsmouth, Reading, and Salisbury City, for example, spring to mind, all of which have been well covered on the! Football Finance site.

There was much I could have blogged on these clubs and others. With a reduction in my future work commitments I plan to start blogging again regularly.  Just looking at that list of clubs, with the one exception of the fan-owned Portsmouth, there remains much to be concerned about in terms of their finances, how they are managed by owners, and the overall governance of English football.  I plan to play myself back into regular blogging, so do please return to the blog over the coming weeks.  New postings will be announced on Twitter.

As to what the topics of upcoming postings will be, I feel spoilt for choice…

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