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For once, a personal note

Posted by John Beech on February 4, 2013

Apologies to regular readers for an ‘off topic’ posting, but, to be fair, this is a personal blog.  Rest assured – it will not become a habit.

The sharp-eyed may have noticed a change in the ‘About’ section.  One of those apparently landmark life events occurred at midnight last Thursday – I went from being a full-time employee to ‘senior citizen’ status.  Although I was actually 65 in October, it is only now that I have chosen to switch to being a pensioner.

From Friday, my relationship with Coventry University changed.  I have accepted an Honorary Research Fellowship, which means that I retain my affiliation to the university, but any work I do for them in future is by mutual agreement and subject to individual contract.

Quite what this change will mean in practice remains to be seen.  I guess I’ve been lucky that in recent years my day-job has included what I would actually choose to do by free choice – research football finance and governance.  Not for me a shift to an allotment then!

I plan to continue and perhaps extend my lecturing in Sports and Events Management, public speaking, researching and consultancy.  As I write, I have commitments every month until July in, first, Madrid and then in Kufstein, Austria.  In November I will be spending three weeks lecturing at the Russian International Olympic University in Sochi.

There will of course be significant gaps in my diary, and I plan to focus even more on my particular interest – the role of fans in football governance and club ownership.

How this will affect my blogging is not yet clear.  If things go the way I envisage, I would expect ‘normal service’ to be maintained.  There is unlikely to be a significant increase as I have only ever posted when I felt I had something worthwhile to say.  My tweeting of NEWS items should be unaffected.

My transition from employee to ‘retiree’ should, all in all, be rather less of a transition than for most people.  I see it as an opportunity, and am open to interesting offers!

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