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The wit and wisdom of Peter Hill-Wood

Posted by John Beech on April 14, 2011

With the sad loss of Danny Fizman, Peter Hill-Wood was moved, no doubt genuinely, to say:

“Danny Fiszman was a visionary Director, a gentleman and a true Arsenal fan.

“We are all deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend Danny. His voice, wisdom and presence around the football club he so dearly loved will be sorely missed.

“Arsenal Football Club will forever be indebted to Danny for his invaluable foresight and contribution during the move from Highbury to our new stadium.” (1)

Fiszman had just before his death sold his 16.11% shareholding in Arsenal to Stan Kroenke (2), allowing Kroenke to become the majority (62.89%) shareholder in the club.

Of Kroenke, Hill-Wood famously said in April 2007:

“Call me old-fashioned but we don’t need Kroenke’s money and we don’t want his sort. Our objective is to keep Arsenal English, albeit with a lot of foreign players. I don’t know for certain if Kroenke will mount a hostile takeover for our club but we shall resist it with all our might.

“We are all being seduced that the Americans will ride into town with pots of cash for new players. It simply isn’t the case. They only see an opportunity to make money. They know absolutely nothing about our football and we don’t want these types involved.” (3)

and that he would be “horrified if the club were to go across the Atlantic” (4).

Football management is indeed a funny old game.


5 Responses to “The wit and wisdom of Peter Hill-Wood”

  1. James said

    Hill-Wood sold us down the river. For the 50 years this useless, arrogant old liar has only ever cared about himself and his place in the director’s box.

  2. Gogo said

    Peter Hill-Wood is indeed a funny old man.

  3. Steve said

    James, could you explain exactly how Peter Hill-Wood “sold us down the river”? And why he’s a liar?

  4. African fan said


    Simple. When the American came calling, they couldn’t resist even with Fiszman who was dying anyway. Fiszman still needed the money instead of bequeathing his shares to his next of kin.

    At least Usmanov will keep Kroenke from delisting the club and demand dividends to pay his debt.

  5. Steve said

    Thanks African Fan, but I don’t think that amounts to Hill-Wood selling us down the river. One could take the view that Fiszman sold his shares to ensure his preferred investor took control of the club. The shares were clearly sold on Fiszman’s terms, not Kroenke’s. I would be surprised if he “needed the money”. He was loaded. And whatever view you take of that sale, what on earth has it to do with Hill-Wood? I don’t see it. He can’t order Fiszman to sell. And, whatever you think of Hill-Wood’s sometimes undiplomatic pronouncements, I don’t see where the lying comes in. By the way, I’m not a Hill-Wood supporter, I just want to be enlightened about this selling down the river and lying business. What am I missing?

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