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On the embargo front

Posted by John Beech on August 8, 2010

A quick look at clubs and embargoes, not exhaustive, and needing qualification for the particular circumstances of each club, and obviously subject to changing reactions to the lifting of an embargo.  It does however suggest that the impact of a transfer embargo varies enormously, making it a rather blunt instrument as a sanction.

Accrington Stanley
The club has finally lodged its accounts for 2008/09, showing a loss of £300,000 and debts of just over £1m (1).  The embargo, which had been reimposed at the end of June (2) has been lifted, and two defenders have been signed (3).

Cardiff City
The embargo has just been lifted (4) and manager Dave Jones has two signings lined up (5).  He obviously hopes for a ‘flurry of signings’ but it seems unlikely that the club’s finances will allow a great deal of activity.

The for yesterday’s match against Coventry City gave the squad thus [click on image to enlarge]:

By the time of kick-off there had been some updates.  Ashdown had been cleared to re-sign, and the actual bench had but four possible substitutes.  Boateng, who did not appear at the Ricoh, is up for sale, as is Utaka, but on yesterday’s performance it is hard to see the latter fetching a decent figure. Kanu is yet to agree new terms.  Don’t hold your breath for a ‘flurry of activity.  It’s still very much a case of ‘Pray Up Pompey:

Pray Up Pompey

Preston North End
The transfer embargo was lifted at the end of June (6).  Trading has been constrained.

Sheffield Wednesday
The embargo has just been lifted (7), but again a ‘flurry of activity’ is not expected.

Southend United
The embargo has just been lifted (8).  Seventeen (yes, that’s seventeen) players have been signed by the newly-relegated club, which was repeatedly in court last season regarding HMRC debts, and which struggled to pay its players on time.  Double Nectar points all round then.


2 Responses to “On the embargo front”

  1. Accrington losing £300k and £1m in debt is a big a disgrace as Manchester United’s £800m-£1b IMHO. What other than wages have they spent this on?

  2. John Beech said

    I haven’t seen the accounts, but reports suggest that the debts are to a fair extent ‘soft’ (owed to Eric Whalley and Ilyas Khan), and may be revised down (A). Why they lost £300k is not yet clear – I’ll keep watching out. Can any readers help?

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