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Whither Chester?

Posted by John Beech on February 28, 2010

The decision of the Football Conference Chairmen to expel Chester City at last showed a will to take the decisive step to bring to an end the sorry tale of this club (see postings passim).

Well, probably that is with respect to Chester City Football Club 2004 Limited.  It can of course apply for membership of a lower league, but is still due in court to face a winding-up petition from HMRC on 10th March.  Not that Director of Football Morrell Maison seems too deterred (1).  He has presented his analysis of what has gone wrong:

Where Chester failed was the fundamental principle of football, they were unable to play games. Other club keep going because they play games.

“There is a lot of shock around the club at the moment but we have been in talks overnight to look at the options because there is still a business there, it still has a ground.

“I do not know what the Vaughan family are planning but I do know that the club could continue, get on an even keel, pay off it’s debts and apply for re-entry further down football’s feeder leagues.

“There are people who say they can get this club going well let’s see if they can.

Well, there you go, sorted!  Mind you, he also says “My first reaction was shock, but when you think, there are probably six or seven clubs operating at the moment in a similar position.”  I’d love to know which six or seven clubs he thinks have been expelled by their respective Leagues, have an owner who has called the fans ‘idiots’, and are trying to sell the club to a group of Danish fans.  Well worth a look, with respect to the last, is a great spoof website Project Brøndby (2 and 3).

Equally of course a new AFC Chester could apply.  More power to City Fans United!  Let’s hope they can bring football back to Chester on a realistic and fan-driven basis.


2 Responses to “Whither Chester?”

  1. Wibble Wobble said

    Morrell Maison is clearly misleading himself, and after his spell at Halesowen which included bankruptcy and assault, hardly someone you’d want at your football club really.

    Perhaps you could have a future in charity fundraising; put those ‘persuasive’ skills of yours to good use.

  2. TonyM said

    Hopefully the High Court has now firmly hammered home the final nail in the coffin for the previous regime

    Best of luck to the Supporters Trust in setting up their new club, lets hope there are no other ‘interested parties’ talking to the council about the lease on the stadium

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