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RedPassion muzzled

Posted by John Beech on February 22, 2010

RedPassion is a fan site for supporters of Wrexham and, like many such sites, operates a fan’s forum (1).  As I write, if you click through, you will be greeted with the following message:

As you might notice the RP forums are looking a little empty, this is due to legal correspondence from Gamlins Solicitors on acting on behalf of their client, Mr. Geoffrey Moss, a Director of Wrexham Football Club Limited.
A complaint was received, it however did not provide specific information to the content they found objectionable. I requested specifics so I could remove any objectionable content, as I and others have done many times before.
Sadly I have been notified at 11am that Gamlins will not provide me with that information, without cost. As a result I, or others, do not have the time to read through 222,000 posts inside the 24 hour deadline issued.
Due to this, I have been left with no option but to ‘zero’ the Red Passion forum posts and re-open the forum to new posts only.
This is very regrettable as the historic record of the forum is being lost, for example many years of Live Match Threads, European Years memories and the like.
I do hope this situation changes, and I am provided with the information requested so I can comply with the request to remove objectionable material and return the RP site to its former glory.
The forums are now re-opened for new posts, but again please keep in mind the site rules, terms and conditions and general etiquette.
Anyone with complaints can follow the example of several Wrexham Village representatives who over the last couple of days have brought posts, avatars and signatures to the attention of myself and mods and have been more than happy with the way their issues were dealt with.
(12th Feb 2010)”

Now there is a thin line between might be defended on the grounds of freedom of speech and what is offensive and even libelous. What is clear is that only a small number of the 222,000 postings will come anywhere near that line.  For Gamlins to be unwilling to specify ‘without cost’ which threads and comments are causing offence is, in my opinion, an outrage.  It must surely result in the human rights of the vast majority of entirely innocent posters being infringed.  Shame on you Gamlins and Geoffrey Moss for this massive over-reaction! It’s simply ridiculous to expect the entire forum space to be taken down because you won’t specify ‘without cost’ what it is that you, perhaps quite reasonably, find objectionable.

It appears that the club website had reported inaccuracies about RedPassion, which, upon complaint from RedPassion, they removed. Presumably RedPassion didn’t charge the club to specify what the problem was!

More recent news is perhaps encouraging:

On Tuesday the 16th I again requested the specific information to be provided to allow myself or others to remove any potentially objectionable posts from RP (as is normal). This has not been provided.
I have earlier today (Thursday 18th) requested it for a third time.
I am however pleased to say that I have been informed that the club’s board does see RP as important and do wish to see it thrive. Therefore I am confident with their support and cooperation RP will be returned to normal shortly – hopefully in time for kick off and the return of the Live Match Thread 🙂

Watch the RedPassion space!


5 Responses to “RedPassion muzzled”

  1. So what next for Chester?

    (btw, nice camera piece on BBC)

  2. John Beech said


    Geoffrey Moss continues his bullying over-the-top action against RedPasssion (1). A pity he chooses to work against fans rather than with them.

    The issue is now being covered in the local newspaper (2). Readers of this blog are encouraged to add their comments to the thread there.

  3. John Beech said


    The stalemate continues (1). I reiterate my earlier comment: Shame on you Gamlins and Geoffrey Moss for this massive over-reaction! By all means take action to get specific comments removed, but stopping stiffling the vast majority of postings which are legitimate comment and debate.

  4. […] to paralyse legitimate (as well as objectionable) discussion on the RedPassion message board (see RedPassion muzzled).  Excellent news – Gamlins, the solicitors acting for Geoffrey Moss, have now been […]

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