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A Conference Chairman explains…

Posted by John Beech on February 22, 2010

… the key issues surrounding Friday’s meeting to discuss the fate of ‘stricken’ Chester City, in an interview with the Cambridge News (1).  (‘Stricken’ is an odd choice of adjective by the reporter concerned – surely the point of the meeting is to decide whether they will be ‘stricken’.  OK, I’ll move on from Percy Picky mode.)

The Chairman concerned is Histon’s Tony Roach and he makes clear just what a Herculean task they face:”We’ve been told there’s a meeting on Friday and that we have to vote. I don’t think it’s particularly right.

“Clubs have been asked to vote on the future of another football club and we’ll have the blood on our hands if we vote Chester out. I don’t necessarily agree with it at all.

“Teams above us could lose up to six points (if Chester are expelled) and that could give us an outside chance of reaching the play-offs, so there could be a benefit there to us.

“But we didn’t get to play Chester on Saturday and we’ve lost out on revenue because of that. So it’s all a bit of a mess.

So, absolutely nothing to do with the particular club under consideration, and its catastrophic recent history of mismanagement.  It’s to do with the rational decision of whether you want ‘blood on your hands’ apparently.

Let’s just hope that his approach is not typical of those voting.  They would do rather better with the quality of their decision-making if they simply focus on Chester City Football Club 2004 Limited, and put their squeamish haemophobia out of their minds.


4 Responses to “A Conference Chairman explains…”

  1. John, I fear the domino effect is about to play out.


    • John Beech said

      You could well be right Jeremy – a mass outbreak of ‘there but for the grace of God…’ perhaps, which would be particularly worrying!

  2. Tony Pearson said

    The latest comments from said chairman, whilst not about this topic but certainly cross-referencing many other posts, leave us with an idea of his mindset.

    “… and we have no debt to the Inland Revenue or VAT now. That’s a hell of an achievement…”

    We shouldn’t expect too much.

  3. Peter said

    Thankfully the right thing appears to have been done, and presumably the expulsion of Chester will now mean that a new phoenix club is more likely to get permission to play in a lower league than Vaughan’s Chester would be?

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