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A touch of the surreal

Posted by John Beech on February 12, 2010

I blogged recently on Portsmouth’s sense of humour in now offering financial services on its website (1).  This touch of the surreal has started to spread to their fellow clubs who face adjournments in their winding-up petitions from HMRC and are due back in court shortly, and therefore the continued existence of each of whom is under threat .

Southend United “deserve special mention” for six nominations for the Football League Awards 2010 (2).  I’m sure they are worthy of some of them, but amazingly these include one for the Best Marketing Campaign.  Would that be the celebrated Confetti PR campaign slagging off HMRC? Let’s hope for the club’s sake HMRC have no input to the judges.

Cardiff City have even more amazingly been nominated for Best Marketing Campaign too.  Well, there was that cracking season ticket campaign, the one where they forgot that they had promised to spend money on players as the incentive.  According to WalesOnline however, “A club official yesterday insisted they had won the nomination for the “originality” of sending Christmas cards with fans’ names on the front and gifts to all Platinum Ambassadors – and not the controversial Golden Ticket pledge to spend the money on new players.” It does make more sense, doesn’t it? Christmas cards with names on; simply brilliant.

Let’s hope both Chairmen are still around to pick up any actual awards.

Portsmouth are so far bereft of any prize nominations in the Premier League or elsewhere.  Can we expect to see their name put forward for the Nobel Prize in Economics perhaps?


One Response to “A touch of the surreal”

  1. John Beech said

    PORTSMOUTH LATEST (you couldn’t make it up!)

    Here’s my nomination for Optimist of the Year (or probably Decade): Serbian international midfielder Dusko Tosic (1). Having been released by Werder Bremen last month, he’s just signed an 18 month contract with Pompey. His faith is touching, but you can just see Private Eye‘s Glenda Slagg writing ‘Crazy name! Crazy guy!’.

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