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Chester City and Notts County

Posted by John Beech on January 27, 2010

It was adjournments all round for the two clubs who faced winding-up petitions from HMRC in court today.

Notts County, supposedly about to receive £5m investement from an as yet unnamed source, got a 28 day extension (1).  HMRC agreed to this, but subject to the fact that in 28 days the hearing will be considered final; if the club has not got the money, it will mean liquidation (2).  This does at least allow the mystery investor to complete due diligence, but the future of the club hangs on that being successful.

Notts County owe HMRC almost £325,000, and were also faced in court by Marston’s, the brewers, who are owed £95,000.  Marston’s were against an adjournment, dismissing the talk of new investment as ‘rumour’.  A close shave then.

Chester City owe £26,000 to HMRC and managed to get a 42 days adjournment until 10th March (3).  In spite of all the talk by Morrell Maison, I fear that a new owner may not be forthcoming, and that the inevitable is just being put off.

Next up in court against HMRC is Accrington Stanley on 3rd February.


5 Responses to “Chester City and Notts County”

  1. sonsdiary said

    there was a discussion on 5 live today about the “plight” of Man Utd and shockingly only once was the fit and proper person test mentioned,I think its only a matter of time before a big name hits the skids.
    It is all relative with these debts though 300k to one club is chickenfeed but to another it is the end of the road.
    We have clubs in Scotland smaller than Notts co with debts of between 6-10 million.
    I feel for fans of these clubs but will they never learn,Dundee FC almost went to wall a few years ago under the stewardship of the Marr bros and now they have another”millionaire” throwing money at their club
    In Scotland the media have been saying for years that there are too many clubs in the leagues , Ifear this year they will get their wish

  2. John Beech said


    Hinckley United of the Conference North were also in court today facing HMRC – case adjourned to 10 February (1). The debt due is said to be £191,000.

    Burscough of the Northern Premier too were granted an extension, of 21 days (2). The extent of their debt is undisclosed. The club has been under financial pressure since owner Chris Lloyd stood down as Chairman in October and stopped funding the club (3).

  3. John Beech said

    More detail on Chester City now available here.

  4. John Beech said


    According to a report in the Coventry Evening Telegraph, this is the fifth extension that Hinckley have been given. Is that some sort of record?

  5. John Beech said


    The deal to invest that Peter Trembling had been talking up appears to have collapsed (1 for full story), suggesting that the club is in deep trouble.

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