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An Austrian digression…

Posted by John Beech on January 3, 2010

… which I would justify in a blog on English football management on two grounds.  First it makes an interesting contrast with my recent posting on what the future might hold for Portsmouth (see How much more benefaction can Pompey take? and its comments), and secondly it provides supporting evidence for my mantric moan about points deduction being dysfunctional as a sanction (1).

News reaches me from an old friend in Vienna regarding Liebherr Grazer Athletik-Sport Klub (more commonly known as GAK), and familiar to fans of Liverpool, Rangers, and Middlesbrough back in 2004/05.  GAK went into Administration during 2006/07.  A second bankruptcy followed shortly afterwards – as a result GAK were penalised with a 28 points deduction and demoted from the top flight to the third tier in the Austrian pyramid, a bit of a come-down for a club which had done the double as recently as 2004.

Did these sanctions get the club back on the right tracks?  Well, they have just filed for bankruptcy for the third time in three years (2 [in German]).

As my friend wryly commented, ‘Considering how hard it is to achieve consistency in the world of sports these days, that’s quite an accomplishment.


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