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Dear Santa ;-)

Posted by John Beech on December 24, 2009

I was going to ask for a ban as a director for John Batchelor, but it seems you have just delivered this!

In no particular order then, this is what I’d really like for Christmas as well:

  • For Accrington Stanley fans, some seats on the board
  • For Chester City, a new unrelated owner
  • For Stephen Vaughan, a copy of The Rough Guide to Ethics
  • For John Armstrong-Holmes, a Sackcloth & Ashes gift set
  • For Rotherham United, Scarborough Athletic and any other clubs in a similar situation, an end to their exiles
  • For Ron Martin, a copy of Blogging made Simple
  • For Peter Ridsdale, a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • For Avram Grant, some Quality Players vouchers, or at least the freedom to use them
  • For the FA, the drive to introduce an all-league-embracing unified and effective Fit and Proper Persons Test
  • For the game, a review of the current sanctions which are dysfunctional, and the use of ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ charges against appropriate owners and directors
  • For my grandchildren, a game that is still beautiful, but for the ugly business elements to have some remedial surgery
  • If you’ve got the time, for clubs throughout the Pyramid, a lifeline

and last but by no means least

  • a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year for all blog readers, be they in England, Dumbarton, Stockholm, North America or wherever, and whether they are fans or directors, and for my friends and fellow residents of this far-flung sector of cyberspace, Kevin Rye (Supporters Direct blog), Ian King (twohundredpercent) and Wyn Grant (The Political Economy of Football).

Yours in football


[New postings may be a tad patchy over the Christmas/New Year period as I shall be knee-deep in various successive permutations of grandchildren, but I will doubtless seek sanity in my keyboard whenever possible.]


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