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The Madness of Munto

Posted by John Beech on December 10, 2009

Few episodes in the modern game can match the bizarre mixture of inanity and insanity which have characterised Munto’s involvement with Notts County. Less than two month’s since their takeover was approved (1) we are greeted with one of those irritating pronouncements that over-use and abuse the word ‘fact’:

There are four facts: Notts County is on the market, Munto Finance are seeking to dispose of the club, Munto are in contact with some potential buyers and fact number four, it is an option for Munto to consider that Eriksson and Trembling are in talks about a possible management buyout.” (2)

It doesn’t take a logician or a linguist to deconstruct ‘fact number four’ as neither a fact nor meaningful English.

Of all the nonsense peddled by and about Munto over the last few months, perhaps the epitome is this particular gem: “They have an overall commitment to the community and fans alike – ensuring a solid and long future to enable the club to steadily rise through the tables, eventually depending on their own resources.” (3)  In spite of the use of the third person, this quote comes from a statement by Munto about their plans to the Supporters Trust.

Munto have shown complete contempt to the community and fans rather committment.  The shadowy men behind Munto/Qadbak should be held accountable for the mess they have created at this venerable club and their failure to deliver.  Will they do the decent thing and ensure that the club is returned to the Supporters Trust who they so outrageously misled with promises that have simply evaporated?  I think we can all guess the answer to that one. Staggeringly, the early runner appears to be none other than ‘one of Munto’s own’, Executive Chairman Peter Trembling!

This must not be allowed to happen.

One Response to “The Madness of Munto”

  1. John Beech said


    Peter Trembling has announced that he has completed the management buy-out of the club from Munto (1). As Trembling had previously passed the Football League Fit and Proper Person Test, he argues that “sanctioning of the acquisition from the Football League is not expected to be an issue“. Well, with all his experience in football management, he’s bound to be right isn’t he? 😉

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