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Some snippets…

Posted by John Beech on December 9, 2009

There are some updates on a number of clubs:

  • Bournemouth
    A fresh attempt is to be made by Jeff Mostyn to have the transfer embargo lifted (1).  Debts to football creditors and HMRC have now been settled; what remains is described as ‘legacy debt’.  I’m not convinced that this a distinction which will cut much ice with the League. As Eddie Mitchell himself said back in August “the League’s position is there to make sure all the teams are competing on a level playing field and that they are unable to relax the Embargo until such time we have honoured all our outstanding creditors” (2).
  • King’s Lynn
    Odd goings on in the week left for an appeal against winding-up by HMRC.
    Chairman Ken Bobbins is blaming the FA for scuppering a would-be rescue bid on the grounds that the new owner wanted to trade as a sole trader rather than as a member club or a limited company (3). Quite why this should put off the prospective he does not reveal – it sounds Bobbins bobbins to me.  If it’s a question of control, the limited company format can allow control through a board of sleeping directors, as at least one club very much in the news recently can testify to.
    Short of a miracle, the club’s winding up will be confirmed today.  Long live AFC King’s Lynn say I!
    [A miracle didn’t happen, and the club was indeed wound up shortly after my original posting -see BBC report]
  • Weymouth
    In the frantic scramble to save the club from oblivion, it would seem that George Rolls was unable to complete full due diligence.  A further £35,000 of debt has subsequently emerged – from two months of unopened mail (4)!
    Better news is that a shirt sponsor has been secured, but overall things are still looking very worrying. The debt level of £700,000 is apparently still rising.  Alan Lewer’s claim for unfair dismissal has been adjourned, but the club may yet face another large debt from it.
  • Worcester City
    Notwithstanding the assurance that Chairman Anthony Hampson would place a petition calling for the removal of Dave Boddy from the board, nothing appears to have happened in this respect.
    Meanwhile, the Nunnery Way obsession continues unabated, although slightly modified (5).  St Modwen (see postings passim), the developer involved, ‘remain committed’ to a scaled down version of the development.
    Foreclosure by the Royal Bank of Scotland (prop. mainly you and me) on the club’s debt of £1.55m has been put back to early February to allow the revised plans to be considered by the local planning department (6)

6 Responses to “Some snippets…”

  1. John Beech said


    The mystery sole trader has emerged as Buster Chapman, local speedway promoter (1). He is quoted as saying “I’ve never had a limited company, never owned a limited company and don’t intent to so that really blew everything out of the water“.

    Let’s hope so, and well done the FA for standing firm. If he doesn’t understand that having football clubs run by sole traders is unacceptable, he’s not the man to resurrect the Linnets.

  2. John Beech said


    Unpopular director and ex-Chairman Dave Boddy has resigned (1), although he denied it had anything to do with the petition calling for his resignation. He says “I am happy with the contribution I have made to this club“, a happiness that does not seem to have been universally shared.

  3. John Beech said


    Still under a transfer embargo, the club’s squad has fallen to 13 players (1).

    While a transfer embargo is sensible if a club fails to pay transfer fees and hence undermines the transfer market, it is dysfunctional as a disciplinary measure – its impact depends on the size of the club’s squad at the time the embargo is imposed and the random impact of subsequent injuries.

  4. John Beech said


    The Terras have been hit with a claim for £104,000 from ex-Commercial Manager Andrew Cooke, who left the club towards the end of 2009 (1).

  5. John Beech said


    Debt level is reported as having risen to £900,000, and the club is seeking to agree a CVA with its creditors (1).

  6. John Beech said


    Eddie Mitchell reveals ‘all’ on the club’s financial position – not the most enviable of positions (1).

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