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Statements of the bleeding obvious, the ironic, or just the plain surreal

Posted by John Beech on November 23, 2009

Headlines can be oddly misleading.  I clicked through just now to ‘Boro collapse stuns France’, wondering how the French had failed to notice Middlesbrough’s relegation for so long (1), only to find that I had forgotten the name of the manager of one of our leading resurrectionist club.

They can also be very amusing.  I’m thinking here of headlines that just aren’t news, more, as Basil Fawlty would have it, statements of the bleeding obvious, or statements of just wishful thinking.

A good example of the former is Martinez embarrassed after defeat from today’s BBC website output. No! Really?

An example of the latter would be Ridsdale Far East trip expected to tie up Cardiff City investment from WalesOnline on 2 November.  Surely even Ridsdale wasn’t seriously expecting this.

The downright surreal also would qualify, as in £10m loan will secure Pompey future: Al Fahim from Portsmouth’s The News of 17 November.  Of course – the new owner is going to increase the club’s debt.  Really thinking outside the box there.

So, any offers of non-headlines?  The rules are simple.  All you have to do is post the actual headline in a comment below, exactly as it appears on the webpage, together with the URL, and the date it was published – no more, no less.  It has to be on the topic of football management (rather than performance on the pitch), and the less there is any need for comment, and/or the greater the irony, so much the better.

I’m a Pompey fan so I need cheering up. If that had been a headline it would certainly have qualified as a statement of the bleeding obvious!


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