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Sad news for Spurs fans?

Posted by John Beech on September 22, 2009

The end of an era really.  I refer of course to the sad news that Chas and Dave are splitting up, following the death of Dave’s wife – a big enough story in its own right to make The Daily Telegraph (1) for example.

The link between entertainers and specific clubs goes back from Robbie Williams (Port Vale) and Elton John (Watford) through Eric Morecambe (Luton) to Tommy Trinder (Fulham), and doubtless a long way further, beyond my ken.

What made the link between Tottenham and Chas & Dave was that they were something more than ‘celebrity fan’ or ‘shareholder’.  Their recordings of Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur and Tottenham Tottenham gave them a link with the terraces that other celebrities do not have, and provided some great marketing for the club (my excuse for blogging on this topic).

Celebrities from the entertainment industry generally seem reluctant to provide their talent to support their club, or the game in general.  I remember going to what had been billed by Coventry City as the very last event at Highfield Road; Elton John topped the bill (well, there was only in fact Lulu as a supporting act, so ‘topped’ is probably not the right word).  What an inspired choice I thought – Elton John would surely appreciate the historic moment.  In fact, it turned out be just another gig on his long tour.  He did not allude to the moment in history, the only reference to the venue being a comment that he had been there before to see his cousin turn out for the Sky Blues.  Somewhat disappointing as I hadn’t gone because of the performers.

Forgive me – I’m beginning to Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit.


2 Responses to “Sad news for Spurs fans?”

  1. sonsdiary said

    John, was that Roy Dwight who broke his leg playing for Forest in a cup final?

  2. John Beech said

    Yes it was, Campbell. The 1959 final, before he joined Coventry.

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