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Revolving doors at Dorchester

Posted by John Beech on September 12, 2009

Followers of this blog will recall that Eddie Mitchell’s sudden move to the board of Bournemouth has resulted in some unusual arrangements at Dorchester Town, where he was previously Chairman (1 and 2).

First Eddie handed over his majority shareholding to sons Tom and Josh on the Dorchester board (3), an arrangement that never seemed likely to pass FA scrutiny.  Dave Roberts was then installed as Chairman (4).  This was potentially problematic as Roberts was a director of Eddie Mitchell’s company Seven Developments.

On August 5th, the contentious Mitchell shareholding was sold to Tony Newman (5) and the Mitchell sons left the board.

Just as thing seemed to be looking a little more stable in the board room, last Wednesday Dave Martin resigned from the board (6), as did Annie Greenslade, the club’s Vice Chairman (7), both club stalwarts. Yesterday (Friday) Shaun Hearn was reported to be acquiring the majority shareholding (8).  Martin was known to be pro-Hearn  and anti-Greenslade (9) and is an ex-director of the club.

Not a happy board room it would seem, nor one where a clear unity of purpose to move the club forward has been apparent, which is rather worrying at a club which last year made a loss of £276,711, which last June owed Seven Developments £203,130 (10), and which has an average gate of very close to 500 for the last two seasons.

The newly formed Supporters Trust welcomed Newman’s acquisition of the club last month (11).  In the last few days, with Hearn’s takeover imminent, they felt it was not in the best interests of the club to pursue a Trust takeover, and declared themselves pro-Hearn (12). If the Hearn takeover falls through, the Trust will “step in to safeguard the future of the club“.

Whatever the short-term outcomes regarding ownership are, whether it is Hearn or the Trust, let us hope some stability returns for the longer term.


One Response to “Revolving doors at Dorchester”

  1. John Beech said

    NEWSFLASH – Shaun Hearn’s takeover is completed (1). All the previous board have gone, except Dave Roberts who remains as a director; returning to the board as Company Secretary is David Martin, three days after he resigned.
    It’s hard keeping up!

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