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Commentary on the management of over 160 English football clubs by Dr John Beech, winner of the FSF Writer of the Year Award 2009/10 Twitter: @JohnBeech Curator of! Football Finance

The transfer deadline…

Posted by John Beech on September 1, 2009

… is Christmas Day for the better players and their agents.

As the pressure mounts to sign players before the deadline is reached, clubs tend to make better and better offers as they vie with one another to get the striker or defender they so desperately need. All this does is ensure even more money goes through the game and into players’ and agents’ pockets, adding to the clubs’ wages bills, pushing them nearer to debt (or in many cases into deeper and deeper debt, which may prove unsustainable).

It also adds to the disparity between the tiers as the clubs with the fattest cats as their owners reach for their cheque books.

Exciting it certainly is, but it’s a new tradition that is harming the game.

Bah humbug, say I!

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