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More on the Mitchells

Posted by John Beech on August 31, 2009

Back in July I blogged on the Mitchell family of Dorset and the unusual arrangements at Dorchester Town following Eddie Mitchell’s involvement with Bournemouth (1).

The FA have taken action regarding Dorchester Town and its ownership by Eddie’s sons Tom and Josh (2). The new owner is Tony Newman, and Chairman Dave Roberts purrs reassuringly “He’s done business with Eddie in the past but there is no direct involvement between the two. Tony is not involved with Seven Developments [Eddie Mitchell’s property development company], he’s his own man and runs his own estate agency. It’ll be no different with Tony coming in, he’ll finance the club now and I’ll still be chairman”. One potential snag with this new arrangement however is that Roberts is a director of Severn Developments, and the FA is still considering its position on this – it may yet be the case that the arrangement still falls foul of FA new rules.

Meanwhile Eddie Mitchell is having his work cut out for him at Bournemouth. Following a meeting with the Football League, it has emerged that the full transfer embargo on the club remains in place (3). Mitchel and the new board have started to sort out the club’s debt problems that they have inherited, but there is still a long way to go.

What I find strange in all of this two-club saga is the lack of any mention of sanctions. If we had been talking about players involved at two clubs, there would have been swift action to deduct points for fielding an ineligible player – why is ‘fielding an ineligible director’ not an offence?


One Response to “More on the Mitchells”

  1. John Beech said

    Dorchester’s board is changing – Company Secretary David Martin has resigned “Due to the ongoing uncertainties over ownership of the majority shareholding at DTFC and other issues relating to the FA Cup” (1). He had been on the board for twenty years and Company Secretary for ten.

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