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Air-brushing on the Halesowen Town website

Posted by John Beech on August 7, 2009

Following the unfolding saga of Halesowen Town (see earlier postings) has just got more difficult as the dispute between the two factions spreads to cyberspace .

As I write, the lead story on the club’s website reads:

Halesowen Town Football Club welcomes the decision of the Courts in passing judgement and costs in our favour against a number of defendants including Robert McNaughton and Janet Susan Nelson.

We would also like to thank all those people for their calls, best wishes and support over the last few difficult weeks.

We remain 100% committed to exploring all possible avenues of solving the clubs issues in a manner we believe will in the long term be most beneficial for our shareholders.

Due diligence is underway to support new investment into the club and we look forward to the opportunity to present positive proposals to ensure the immediate and long term future of the club.” (1)

For the record, yesterday the same lead story read:


Legal proceedings have been commenced in the High Court in Birmingham by Kelly Gentles and Morell Maison against a number of Defendants including Janet Susan Nelson and Rob McNaughton.

The proceedings seek to prevent the appointment of an Administrator to Halesowen Town Football Club as proposed by the Defendants. The proceedings also dispute the alleged resignation of Kelly Gentles as Director and Company Secretary and the alleged appointment of Janet Susan Nelson as a Director of the football club.

At a hearing before HHJ Browne QC on the 30 July 2009 undertakings were given to the court by Rob McNaughton and another party that an Administrator would not be appointed until after a further court hearing has taken place next week when all parties representations shall be heard.

A further statement will not be issued until after the next court date.”  (Still available, as I blog, in the Google cache [2], although this may well be over-written in time)

The previous statement, and all news stories since 29 May 2009, have been taken down.

If any blog-readers have any of the other postings from the website which have been air-brushed out, please let me know.


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  1. […] I have previously blogged (1), what is published on the club website can mysteriously disappear, so I republish in full the text […]

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