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Blogged off!

Posted by John Beech on July 17, 2009

Maintaining the work/life balance is always hard, especially as following English football management (and mis-management) is a 24/7 activity (OK, 16/7 to be more accurate). It is not, however, a 16/7/52 activity – for a fortnight a year, life has to get 100% of my attention I’m told, and that fortnight begins this weekend.

I expect to resume regular postings on Monday 3rd. August, and plan to put up some postings summarising the season just gone.

This will also mean that any comments will remain unmoderated until then, so please be patient.

What a time to go on holiday though! Far too many clubs in trouble – what will I be returning to? What news of takeovers at Portsmouth and Newcastle, and HMRC’s winding-up orders? Roll on the 3rd!!

Late extra: Not to mention goings on at Chester City – see my update comment at the bottom of Developments at Chester City.

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