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Vodkat vexation

Posted by John Beech on May 9, 2009

Sometimes things need no commentary, especially when you couldn’t make them up.

The following is taken verbatim from the Vodkat League website (1) where it was posted yesterday:


    Earlier in the season, Flixton had four points deducted for fielding an ineligible player, three points for the offence and one for the point they collected from the game in question. This decision was made in accordance with a rule passed by clubs at the League AGM four years ago.
    However, it has been brought to the League’s attention that the referee for the game in question has now admitted that he failed to report an alteration to the team sheet, and has confirmed that the player in question did not participate in the game.
    The FA has also informed the League that FA rules state that additional points should not be deducted from clubs when an offence of this nature takes place. The FA’s rules state that only points gained from a game in which an ineligible player took part may be deducted. The FA has therefore instructed the League to reinstate the four points deducted from Flixton, as no offence took place.
    As a result, Flixton now move out of one of the relegation places at the bottom of the Premier Division.
    However, on a separate issue, the FA Technical Panel have informed the League Management Committee that Flixton have not obtained Ground Grading F standard to enable them to compete at Step 5 in the National League System. The League has therefore been instructed by the FA that Flixton should be relegated to the Vodkat League Division One for season 2009-10.

    John Deal, Secretary, The Vodkat League

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